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Exchange foreign currencies in Toronto! With more than 100 currencies at the best rates in cash, money transfers, bank notes, drafts, checks, money orders and any cash equivalent instrument. There is no fee for money conversions. Now with greater facilitation of ordering currency online and by phone you can save time and money easily. You are valued at TCE and you will not go anywhere else once you use us for your Canadian currency exchange service needs.

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We offer market leading rates on all foreign currencies. Our mission is to provide our customers with competitive currency quotes. We have succeeded in this mission for 25 years & we are always serving Toronto proudly. TCE is very well known for providing good exchange rates and good service in a comfortable environment. Rest assured you won’t go anywhere else after getting the quotes from us.

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At TCE you will get the best solutions all your foreign currency exchange needs under one roof. From money transfers to bank drafts we provide a good variety of reliable foreign exchange services. We offer you the fastest and most suitable solutions by first evaluating your individual customer needs and then offering you the most effective, reliable & economic solution. Every transaction goes by the book, economically and efficiently.

Turkish Lira Drops as Government Fights Curruption

The Turkish currency “Lira” dropped down about 1.5%, on the December 20th of 2013, to 2.0982 per Canadian dollar. It is the lowest the Lira has ever been since 1981. Just previously it was trading 0.9% low in Istanbul. It dropped to almost 1.2% of 2.8681 compared to one Euro. the 2 year benchmark note rose up with 25 points 9% , which is the best they had ever been.

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Under Pressure Canadian Dollar Over Rates

The new year’s start has not really been very lucky for the Loonie so far. From the very start of this year the Canadian Dollar has been experiencing down falls , and has been showing quite steeply pointing down wards. Many of Financial Analysts have predicted that it will continue to fall in the near future. Apparently CAD is going to see another dumb sight in this year.

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