Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
Euro 1.42321 CAD 1.47353 CAD
US Dollar 1.32655 CAD 1.35603 CAD
Turkish Lira 0.06686 CAD 0.07575 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.60644 CAD 1.65164 CAD
Japanese Yen 0.01003 CAD 0.01049 CAD
Israeli New Shekel 0.36782 CAD 0.40248 CAD
Mexican Peso 0.06846 CAD 0.07449 CAD
Bitcoin BTC 29,719.02073 CAD 32,847.33871 CAD
Vietnamese Dong 0.00004 CAD 0.00009 CAD
Bahraini dinar 3.30538 CAD 3.80296 CAD
Bulgarian lev 0.69102 CAD 0.77189 CAD
Australian Dollar 0.90499 CAD 0.96563 CAD
Swiss Franc 1.43165 CAD 1.48252 CAD
New Zealand Dollar 0.81654 CAD 0.86731 CAD
Indian Rupee 0.01522 CAD 0.01716 CAD
Hong Kong Dollar 0.16218 CAD 0.17840 CAD
Iraqi Dinar 0.00078 CAD 0.00110 CAD
Swedish Krona 0.12422 CAD 0.13120 CAD
UAE Dirham (AED) 0.35203 CAD 0.38304 CAD
Korean Won 0.00102 CAD 0.00116 CAD
Danish Krone 0.18547 CAD 0.20093 CAD
Czech Koruna 0.05802 CAD 0.06346 CAD
Omani Rial 3.28927 CAD 3.65475 CAD
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 0.33586 CAD 0.37084 CAD
Philippine Peso 0.02265 CAD 0.02619 CAD
Malaysian Ringgit 0.29316 CAD 0.33058 CAD
Kuwaiti Dinar 4.14472 CAD 4.62718 CAD
Polish Zloty 0.29067 CAD 0.31489 CAD
Taiwan Dollar 0.04175 CAD 0.04822 CAD
East Carribean Dollar 0.46854 CAD 0.53547 CAD
CFP Franc 0.01124 CAD 0.01280 CAD
Romanian New Leu 0.28045 CAD 0.31570 CAD
Singapore Dollar 0.96093 CAD 1.06209 CAD
Thai Baht 0.03781 CAD 0.04201 CAD
South African Rand 0.07327 CAD 0.08052 CAD
Jamaican Dollar 0.00828 CAD 0.00915 CAD
Dominican Peso 0.02275 CAD 0.02549 CAD
Chilean Peso 0.00161 CAD 0.00180 CAD
Colombian Peso 0.00027 CAD 0.00030 CAD
Fiji Dollar 0.57815 CAD 0.65727 CAD
Jordanian Dinar 1.79442 CAD 2.03997 CAD
Iceland Krona 0.00898 CAD 0.01011 CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 0.18937 CAD 0.20712 CAD
Hungarian Forint 0.00349 CAD 0.00393 CAD
Indonesian Rupiah 0.00008 CAD 0.00011 CAD
Pakistan Rupee 0.00432 CAD 0.00543 CAD

Table 2

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